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                Zhejiang Dongyang High School is among the first 14 provincial first-grade key high schools in the province. It has now an enrollment of about 2,200 students in 43 classes and a staff of 183, including 5 with the special-honored title and about 40 who are either rising stars or model teachers entitled either nationally or provincially or locally.

                Established in 1912, the school was confirmed as a national key high school by the Ministry of Education in the 1950s. In 1981, it ranked among the 18 key high schools praised by Zhejiang Province Government for its outstanding achievements, and then was titled Provincial Key High School in 1995. 3 years later, it became the 1st key high school in the province to have successfully passed the reexamination.

                The school enjoys a good reputation, turning out generations and generations of alumni who’ve made enormous contributions to the shaping and advancement of China. Yan Jici was the ex-vice-chairman of the NPC standing committee and distinguished as the first Doctor of Physics in China. Jin Fuzhuang, was a noted general during the Northern Expedition and a member of the 3rh NCCPC. Wang Tiwu founded Taiwan’s United Daily News Groups and chaired the Chinese Language Press Institute in the 2nd place. 6 alumni have become academicians, including Li Zhenwu—the designer of HL-1, Wang Fuxiong, Yan Luguang, Jin Yuxuan, Xu Gengguang and Pan Delu. Ge Ji, Lu Guang, Lou Zaoming are among the famous writers. Zhao Songting is renowned as the flute king in the South. And Zhang Yunchuang has turned director of State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry. Besides, a great many young graduates have made a figure in the fields of science and economy. Guo Guangcang, who graduated in 1985, is now Chairman and General Manager of Fosun Hi-Tech Group and has been in the list of award winners of national level, such as China Youth May 4th Medal, the Chinese Economy's "Magnificent 10", 2004 and so on. Pro. Pan Jianwei, another young alumnus, was conferred Truth-seeking Outstanding Scientist Award and was honored as the Chinese Top Ten Youth due to his great achievements in the research of quanta invisible transmission and purification of quanta entanglement.

                In more than 90 years, the school has formed a school spirit of being solid and modest, a teaching spirit of being rigorous and sincere, and a learning spirit of being energetic and diligent. On the basis of the outstanding traditional culture, the school commits itself to achieving the goal: developing the connotation of qualified personnel education and improving the quality of qualified personnel education. So the quality of education and teaching has been raised greatly year by year. What’s more, the results of college entrance examination, different disciplines’ competitions of all levels, and sports competitions are among the best in Zhejiang. The school has also been awarded more than 20 titles by Central Committee of the League, provincial Party Committee, provincial government and provincial Education Committee, such as Highly-Civilized Unit, Model School, and Model Party Group of Zhejiang. Moreover, the latest practice and results of education reform have been widely praised by many specialists and leaders of Ministry of Education, Central Office of Education Research, provincial Education Committee, and also many media like CCTV, Guangming Daily, China Education Daily and Zhejiang Daily. In addition, the school, has become one of the 600 national elite schools elected by China Education Daily and some other organizations, among which there are only 9 high schools in Zhejiang.

                Extending into the new century, all the teachers and students are full of vigor, doing their utmost to establish a national demonstration high school and national civilized unit. They are determined to build the school as a first-class high school with unique characteristics, high standards and best quality.